1. Mais uma convocatória em Istambul. A cidade não pára.

    Those craving for money and power have, by means of their political power and their local authorities, commoditized İstanbul and put on sale its neighborhoods, public squares, forests, its history and culture. They besieged İstanbul with their unlawful laws, exceptionally empowered ministries, law-enforcement forces, bulldozers and co-conspiring local authorities, turning the city into a scene of struggle for survival. They catered our neighborhoods to the advantage of real estate companies and the Housing Development Administration; our forests to the interest of crazy projects and deluxe housing estates, and our public squares and shared historical values to the interest of shopping malls. Disregarding all conditions for earthquake safety in a city awaiting its earthquake, they made İstanbul the construction site of corporations.

    They commercialized all of our fundamental rights from transportation to healthcare. In a city traversed by the Bosphorus, surrounded by the sea, they encouraged car sales and turned İstanbul into a traffic hell. They sacrificed yet another life to labor murders each day under the hazardous working conditions of their contractors. They plundered our breathing areas, our efforts, our nature by means of local administrations that are managed by mandated orders –just like their corporations. This explicit and organized attack on our city, our neighborhood, our park, our water, our forest, our farmlands, and our gardens continues at full steam. With all of its natural and urban thresholds under pressure, İstanbul, being gentrified to cater to the desires of the rich and marketed to their capital and managed by the discretionary orders of those in power, is struggling for life. Together with their city, the people of İstanbul are irreversibly destructed, piece by piece and altogether.

    Our rights to live humanely and safely in a secure and healthy city; our civil and urban rights; our rights to speak and decide for our own lives; our human dignity are being disregarded.

    As the residents of İstanbul we say “NO! İstanbul belongs to its people!” We, as the people of İstanbul, are standing our ground and demand respect in the face of these attacks in every area of our lives, these attacks to our vested rights and conditions for humane living. We are meeting in Kadıköy on December 22 to unite the struggles that we have been individually carrying out for years against this irreversible destruction imposed on urban and natural life and on the people, and to cry out that we don’t want to be governed by such attitude.

    We are meeting in Kadıköy on December 22 to say NO to the plundering of our forests for the sake of profit; to sacrificing our forests and water basins to property-focused fierce and crazy projects like the 3rd bridge and the 3rd airport, like Canal İstanbul that have no purpose for the city and its people but merely cater to the interest of mining and water corporations. We are meeting in Kadıköy on December 22 to say NO for the sake of the lives, the lives of not only the people, but also the fauna and flora.

    We are meeting in Kadıköy on December 22 to reclaim our gardens that are turned into concrete blocks; to reclaim our farmlands that are being destroyed; to reclaim our water that is turned into a commodity distributed by pre-paid meters and bought and sold in bottles.

    mais info:http://www.istanbulkentmitingi.org/